Case C-192/15, Rease – secretly spied on, medical data leaked, and left unprotected by the Dutch regulator

Can the Dutch Data Protection Agency exert any control over companies based in the UK and the USA which conduct covert surveillance on Dutch territory? And in the event of an individual’s data processing law rights under Dutch law being breached, what is to be done where the internal rules of the Dutch Data Protection Agency mean that the Agency will never ever act on a complaint coming from an individual? More

Case C-110/15, Nokia Italia – professional-use media equipment and Italian private-copy rules

In Italy, copyright holders are paid ‘fair compensation’ for copies of their works made by people for ‘private use’. The payments are raised on the back of levies slapped on a wide range of electronic equipment such as personal computers, blank DVDs, memory sticks, and mobile telephones. While such levies for ‘private use’ copies can be legal under Article 5(2)(b) of the EU’s InfoSoc Directive 2001/29/EC, the questions here are the detailed Italian rules governing the setting of the levy and the possibilities for reimbursement in respect of electronic equipment that was intended only to be used by professionals. More

Case C-99/15, Liffers – wanting money for moral prejudice too

If a person has had his copyright infringed, and claims damages equivalent to the money he would have received from a copyright collecting society, then does this fact stop him from bringing an extra claim in respect of the harm done to his reputation and standing? A literal understanding of the wording of the Directive suggests he cannot bring that extra claim. However, the result might go against the aim of the Directive which was ‘to approximate legislative systems so as to ensure a high, equivalent and homogeneous level of protection in the Internal Market’. More

Case A-1/15, The Canada-EU ‘PNR’ Agreement – contrary to the EU Charter?

Canada and the EU have negotiated a new Passenger Name Record Agreement. A plank of the Agreement involves the transfer and processing of data. The European Parliament is asking the CJEU for a legal opinion on the compatibility of that Agreement with the EU Charter. More