Case C-671/15, APVE – How to grow a price-fixing cartel and weed out EU cartel law

Are there any limits to the scope of EU cartel law? Yes, in the interstices of agricultural policy. The legal issue in this case is whether France’s growers of endives can talk to each other and fix prices in order to serve EU agricultural policy without incurring the wrath of EU competition law. More

Case C-327/15, TDC – SOS! An illegal cross-financing mechanism

Ships in difficulty at sea can radio for help. In Denmark and Greenland, the Danish telecoms giant ‘TDC’ will organise the maritime emergency services. However, TDC believes that new ‘cross-financing’ rules introduced by the Danish State will mean it will not be reimbursed for the full costs of organising the emergency services. TDC wonders if the organisation of maritime emergency services really falls within the scope of its universal service obligations. More

Case C-13/16, Rīgas satiksme – our police data request is necessary for our legitimate interest

If a taxi hits a bus and the taxi company tells the police who was in the taxi, then does EU data processing law stop that police data from being passed on to the bus company? More