Case C-267/16, Buhagiar – Gibraltar, guns and the constitutional order

The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has made its first preliminary reference to the CJEU, and the burning issue is the free movement of hunters’ firearms. More

Case C-99/16, Lahorgue – prevented access to a VPN and impeded in the internal market of legal services

French lawyers can access a Virtual Private Network but access depends on their local bar. In this case, a French lawyer in Luxembourg has been refused access to the bar of Lyon’s Virtual Private Network. Is this discrimination contrary to the internal market in legal services? More

Case C-566/15, Erzberger – the extra-territorial application of German worker representation law

Where four-fifths of a company’s workforce are employed in other Member States, is it right that worker representatives are elected to the company’s supervisory board from, and by, just the one-fifth who are employed in the company’s home Member State? More