Case C-358/16, UBS – stopping a lawyer accessing innocence-establishing documents

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is home to a lucrative trade in investment banking and investment companies. Policing that market is Luxembourg’s financial regulator, the CSSF. It has stopped a lawyer from working as a company director. He is challenging the correctness of the regulator’s decision. As part of preparing his legal action, he wants to see certain documents held by the regulator. However, the regulator is refusing to disclose any documents. Furthermore, the regulator’s position is reinforced by a bank that has already been censured by the regulator in precisely the same matter. Therefore, the legal issue in this case is the degree to which the alleged confidentiality of the documents prevails over the individual lawyer’s EU Charter rights. More

Case C-267/16, Buhagiar – Gibraltar, guns and the constitutional order

The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has made its first preliminary reference to the CJEU, and the burning issue is the free movement of hunters’ firearms. More

Case C-112/16, Persidera – access to Italian broadcasting frequencies

Perisdera is an Italian broadcasting company. However, it has had difficulties accessing Italy’s radio frequencies. It is a story common to other broadcasters trying to access the Italian market; indeed, there is already preliminary reference about this problem pending at the CJEU, Case C-560/15, Europa Way. This fresh preliminary reference adds a further couple of legal questions. More

Case C-99/16, Lahorgue – prevented access to a VPN and impeded in the internal market of legal services

French lawyers can access a Virtual Private Network but access depends on their local bar. In this case, a French lawyer in Luxembourg has been refused access to the bar of Lyon’s Virtual Private Network. Is this discrimination contrary to the internal market in legal services? More