Case C-210/16, Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein – Facebook Fan Page visitor data

Organisations and celebrities who use social media can ask Facebook for a ‘Fan Page’. Visitors to that Fan Page will then have their personal data taken and processed by Facebook, which in turn will send the Fan Page-holder anonymised statistical data about who visits the web page. The two main legal questions here are: can a German data protection agency require that a German organisation stops using its Fan Page when Facebook breaches German privacy law? And is it a defence for the institution to turn around and say that it is not processing visitors’ data because Facebook and its cookies do all this, and they do so under the regulatory supervision of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner? More

Case C-73/16, Puškár – privacy requires removal from a tax office blacklist

If personal information is given to the tax office, then when can it be processed for other purposes without that person’s consent? For example, is consent required when data is made available to other state bodies such as those concerned with combating financial fraud? More

Case C-13/16, Rīgas satiksme – our police data request is necessary for our legitimate interest

If a taxi hits a bus and the taxi company tells the police who was in the taxi, then does EU data processing law stop that police data from being passed on to the bus company? More

Case C-192/15, Rease – secretly spied on, medical data leaked, and left unprotected by the Dutch regulator

Can the Dutch Data Protection Agency exert any control over companies based in the UK and the USA which conduct covert surveillance on Dutch territory? And in the event of an individual’s data processing law rights under Dutch law being breached, what is to be done where the internal rules of the Dutch Data Protection Agency mean that the Agency will never ever act on a complaint coming from an individual? More

Case C-201/14, Bara – giving personal data and consent to processing for just one purpose

When a person must give their personal data to a state body for one particular purpose, can a different body use the data on that database without that person’s consent, especially when their data is going to be used for a different purpose? More