Case C-683/16, Deutscher Naturschutzring – stop German fishing boats scraping the bottom

Even if Article 3(1)(d) TFEU gives the EU an exclusive competence over the common fisheries policy, then can a Member State still enact laws to stop boats from bottom-trawling by virtue of EU environmental law? More

Case A-2/15, The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement – a mixed agreement?

In October 2014, the EU and Singapore concluded a free trade agreement. However, there is uncertainty surrounding how to classify the legal agreement. That is to say, is it an agreement which the EU has exclusive competence to sign and ratify? Or is it a ‘mixed agreement’ which would mean that the approval of every single parliament in every single Member State is also required before the agreement can be ratified? More

Case C-137/12, Commission v Council – exclusive competence in conditional access services?

Did the EU Council’s Decision to sign the Council of Europe’s Conditional Access Services Convention have the correct legal base? Should not the Council have based its Decision on a Treaty provision which grants the EU Commission exclusive competence to sign a trade-related Convention? More