Case C-231/16, Merck KGaA – a murky issue of jurisdiction

When a company starts to sue a group of companies for infringing its trade mark in one Member State but then sees them infringing its mark in a second Member State, can the company commence proceedings in the second state too? Or is the court in the second Member State stopped from hearing the case by dint of the barring phrase, ‘the same cause of action’, which is in Article 109(1)(a) of the EU’s ‘trade mark’ Regulation 207/2009? More

Case C-537/16, Garlsson Real Estate – ne bis in idem

Seemingly irrespective of whether Italy’s criminal courts convict or acquit someone of insider share dealing, Italy’s stock exchange regulator will also issue a fine using administrative law. Is this not contrary to the legal principle of ‘ne bis in idem’? More

Case C-13/16, Rīgas satiksme – our police data request is necessary for our legitimate interest

If a taxi hits a bus and the taxi company tells the police who was in the taxi, then does EU data processing law stop that police data from being passed on to the bus company? More

Case C-390/12, Pfleger – on-line fruit machines, proportionality and the EU freedom to provide services in Austria

The Austrian Gambling Act gives the Austrian state its monopoly to grant gambling licences and the state restricts the numbers of licences available. Is this compatible with the freedom to provide services under EU law? More