Case C-112/16, Persidera – access to Italian broadcasting frequencies

Perisdera is an Italian broadcasting company. However, it has had difficulties accessing Italy’s radio frequencies. It is a story common to other broadcasters trying to access the Italian market; indeed, there is already preliminary reference about this problem pending at the CJEU, Case C-560/15, Europa Way. This fresh preliminary reference adds a further couple of legal questions. More

Case C-177/16, Autortiesību un komunicēšanās konsultāciju aģentūra – the dominant position of a copyright collecting society

Where works are protected by copyright their use will often require money being paid to a copyright collecting society. These societies set tariffs and pass on a fraction of the money collected to right holders. The question in this case is whether the Latvian Competition Authority has been correct to fine a collecting society for a breach of a dominant position through the setting of unfair prices. More

Case C-327/15, TDC – SOS! An illegal cross-financing mechanism

Ships in difficulty at sea can radio for help. In Denmark and Greenland, the Danish telecoms giant ‘TDC’ will organise the maritime emergency services. However, TDC believes that new ‘cross-financing’ rules introduced by the Danish State will mean it will not be reimbursed for the full costs of organising the emergency services. TDC wonders if the organisation of maritime emergency services really falls within the scope of its universal service obligations. More

Case C-544/15, Fahimian – aspiring to research a technology of control

If a person lives in a non-EU country that is ruled by a repressive regime but wants to come to the EU in order to pursue doctorate research that will be financed by a university in the EU, then can the host Member State turn down the person’s visa application on the ground that the knowledge acquired in the EU might subsequently be misused by the regime either to gain access to confidential information in the EU, or to develop technology that could be used as a further means to repress people living under that regime? More